Mac OSX 10.8
Pro Tools 10 HD
1 x Avid Midi
Kontakt 5
Guitar Rig 5
Premiere Pro
After Effects
Adobe Audition


Mac 2 x Intel Xeon 2.4 8Core
3 x Avid HD192 24 In / 48 Out
1 x Avid Midi
2 x Wharfdale 415 Monitor Speakers
2 x Yamaha HS6 Monitor Speakers
Tac Scorpion 30-8-8-2

Outboard Gear:

ART 416 6 Channel Mixer
Behringer Composer Pro XL MDX-2600
Behringer Composer Pro MDX-2200
Behringer Ultrafex Pro EX-3200
Behringer Multigate XR1400
Behringer FBQ6200
Alesis ADAT XT20
Behringer PowerPlay 8ch Headphone Amp


1 x HQ-MIC30
1 x Sphynx SP-MIC-2
1 x MC Crypt BM-700
1 x Behringer C-2 Matched Stereo Pair
2 x Paccs M1
1 x Shure Sm57
3 x Behringer XM1800s
4 x DAP DM25
1 x DAP DM20
2 x DAP CM10
2 x Samson C01


Axtech VM-108C Chorus Amp
Marshall Valvestate VS-15
Marshall MG-100 HDFX (half stack)
Marshall B-150
Marshall 2195 Lead and Bass head
Phantom ISOCAB “Self-made”


5 Piece Standard Condor Drumkit
Yamaha DTX500K Edrum
Remo Basic Drumkit

Additional Outboard Gear:

Whirlwind pcDI (2x)
Behringer Ultra DI-100 (2x)
Stage-Line LTR-106 DI

Digitale Plugins:

We are still counting all the plugins we have. When
we’re done counting we’ll put them out there!

Video Apparatuur:

Data Video SE-500
Data Video TLM-702
ION 720p H264 Video converter


Canon 6D